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Building a world-class Refinery

In June 2008 when the founding Shareholders, Saudi Aramco and TOTAL, signed the Shareholders Agreement, SATORP was officially born. The Shareholders immediately went to work pouring their best talent into the Project Management and Corporate teams to start developing this new company. Extensive efforts consuming the time, energy and talent of both Shareholders went into preparing for the next steps of the project, completing the design phase and begin the bidding for all of the Engineering Procurement Contracts (EPC).

By July 2009 all of the EPC contracts had been awarded and the project teams mobilized to their respective package locations all around the world to begin building the various units of the refinery which would eventually be shipped back to Saudi Arabia to be assembled like a colossal puzzle. The Project Management Team is divided into different teams to handle each Package.

While portions of the refinery were under construction across the globe, the in-Kingdom project teams were busy laying the ground work and infrastructure that would one day sustain the entire refinery and the Company’s administrative complex.

One by one, each in Kingdom and out of Kingdom packages are completed and shipped carefully to Jubail taking the utmost care not to damage even the smallest part. Safety and quality assurance along each step is of the utmost importance for the refinery to operate safely.

During the entire project phase, SATORP’s Operations and Maintenance Engineers were embedded with each package to work closely with the project management teams. This ensures a smoother, safer transition from the completion of the project phase, to start-up & commissioning, and into the steady-state of operations.

From the last quarter of 2010 up to 2013, the construction activity continued to gain momentum. As activity increased at the Jubail site, the number of construction personnel at the site at the peak of activity was about 45,000 people. Time is money, so construction continues around the clock on mega projects like these as the push to complete the project on schedule, safely and within budget insistently drives the project and corporate teams forward.

The process of starting up the plant and conducting the process integrity testing took months to complete. The refinery must pass thousands of incredibly stringent tests. Every inch of the refinery is checked and rechecked for any irregularities or problems, to ensure a safe start up and successful operation, since Safety is always a priority.

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